Living between two languages increased my interest in translation and how we manage the gaps that arise between what we want to say and how we can say it.

Initially I tried my hand at translating prose of various kinds and took part in a Young Translator’s competition held by the British Council in 2012. I made it into the top ten and got to spend a wonderful day at Salt Galata with workshops and events led by Maureen Freely, Amy Spangler and others. I didn’t win but my translations of three prose pieces, “Saman Kokusu” by İnci Aral; “Prensi Olmayan Masal Kitabı” by Fatih Erdoğan and “70 Model Aşklar” by Can Dündar, were published in a free e-book of the top entries AltKitap: Yansımalar/Art of Echo – Young Translators Prize Selection (January 2013).

Since then I’ve focused on translating academic papers from Turkish to English, in addition to editing and proofreading academic papers. You can find out more at the link below.

Stylised version of the head of the wooden horse at Troy and the words Skaian Gates English